• big black cadillac Let's Get Reckless (CD, £10.95)

    A British four piece Modern Rockabilly Band present their storming debut album Let's Get Reckless! Made up of mostly original material, this release boasts great songs, powerful delivery and solid production. Reviews have already drawn comparisons with scene favourites Jack Rabbit Slim - Big Black Cadillac is a band that shows a lot of potential with this impressive first release. TRACKLIST 1 Shakin' Little Mama 2 Forest 3 Weekend & Reckless 4 Edge Of A Knife 5 Step Into My Life 6 Through The Night 7 As You Like It 8 She's My Girl 9 Not Guilty 10 Lone Rider 11 Walkin' On A Tightrope 12 Runnin' Free

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