• accelerators Let's Turn It Up (CD, £10.95)

    This superb 4th album by The Accelerators is a wonderful release which combines precise performances, great material and faultless production. The band has set a high standard with their previous work, which they manage to exceed on Let's Turn It Up. There is plenty of variety here on what is essentially a classy Rockabilly album which mixes sharp original material with some well-known cover songs. The uninitiated should take note that singer Steve Smith has one of the best voices of the Rock 'n' Roll genre. That said, his musicians are certainly up-to-scratch, as is the artwork, production and songwriting on this excellent album. TRACKLIST 1 Gonna Be With You 2 Sugaree 3 Donna The Prima Donna 4 Blue Days Black Nights 5 Let It Roll 6 Had To Let You Know 7 She Moves Me 8 Pretty Baby 9 Real Wild Child 10 Early In The Morning 11 Sleepwalk 12 Little Suzie

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