• treedeon Under the Manchineel (CD, £14.25)

    label: exile on mainstream

    After the almost simultaneous demise of Germany’s Noise-stalwarts ULME, and the 2nd spring of seminal Crossover punk/metal icons JINGO DE LUNCH, Ulme-guitarist and singer Arne, and Jingo de Lunch singer Yvonne, formed an acoustic bit named Treedeon. It started out as an acoustic solo set on the 2012 (and final) edition of the SOUTH OF MAINSTREAM FESTIVAL; Ulme had originally been booked, but unfortunately disbanded right before the festival. Shortly after, a 2nd gig was booked at Berlin’s Schokoladen, where Boomer pledged himself by offering to play drums.  The usual followed; songs were laid out, written, and rehearsed in a dark Berlin cellar. A demo was recorded in November, then unleashed to astonished fans. The Demo made very clear that the acoustic approach of the first giggery had been completely sacked, by a new, but somehow expected, monstrous valkyrie of sheer heavy sound, duelling vocals, and screams of emotional terror.  Amazingly, their second show brought them to the infamous ROADBURN FESTIVAL and left a blown-away crowd – the band found themselves on the map for lovers of Noise, Sludge, and all kinds of heavy pumping riffage, combined with an emotional approach and intimate lyrics. Touring and more festival appearances followed.  You can’t change a winning team one could say, but it would just be half the truth. They did change the team. In March 2016, longtimefriend Andy, drummer from the post-rock instrumental 2-piece outfit ALPHATRIP joined the fold; pumping the skins with earth-shattering enthusiasm. Now, three years have passed since “Lowest Level Reincarnation” and, almost to the date, and recorded thru the cold Berlin October days at Studio Wong, Treedeon’s sophomore album “Under The Manchineel” will see the light of day.  Treedeon 2017 is a thunderous riff-machine taking the next step and cultivating the ground that they’ve been breaking over the past years. 7 new tracks deeply-rooted in Sludge, Noise and Doom, while incorporating unexpected melodies in the overall massive sound. No heavier band on the planet right now. TRACKLIST 01. CHEETOH 02. DEATH OF CERES 03. BREAKING A VEIN 04. NO HELL 05. MANCHINEEL 06. PROTOPLANET 07. WASICU

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