• mohican sun Cold Earth EP (12", £7.95)

    Integral 043 sees the much anticipated return of Dawn Wall’s cousin, the mysterious Mohican Sun. Following the huge “Dead Sea” & “Fixation” EPs which have made a significant impact among the scene’s tastemakers, we are pleased to introduce the brand new “Cold Earth EP”. Consisting of 5 super-fresh slabs of futuristic soul, this showcase truly highlights next-level production skills and the outfit’s unique and versatile sound. Kicking off the new EP with a bang is the cinematic and soulful‘Don’t Wait’. The majestical, eerie vibes of the intro instantly mesmerise. Rumblingand warm bass grooves, slick beats, delicious melodies and heart-wrenching vocals push the #ekhosound to newheights. Up next, the title track ‘Cold Earth’is a stunning journey into futuristic DnB with a Detroit techno twist taking inspiration from the beloved Soul:R family. Instant roller territory. ‘Spiralled’ flips the script entirely, showcasing a thunderous tribal jam sealed with quirk. The devious intro may catch you off guard as the twisted world sounds and guitar hooks elevate to a wonderfully warped and bass hurtling drop. Dancefloor banger alert! Up next and the final vinyl track, 'Calgary’ makes for an instant classic. The infectious musicality at the production core, slick drums and definitive bass lines will draw listeners in for a truly luscious journey that really goes in ocean deep. Wrapping up the digital format is the wondrous bonus track titled ‘Living This Way’. More heavy doses of soul on this one shine through the many subterranean melodies, skippy beat combination, glossy bass switches and beatific vocals. Mohican Sun’s new masterpiece's strong, versatile production will resonate with fans from all corners of the spectrum. Limited edition collector’s artwork. Tracklist: A1: Don’t Wait A2: Cold Earth Aa1: Spiralled Aa2: Calgary

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