• new spring Wholly Wholly (LP, £14.50)

    ‘Wholly Wholly’ is The New Spring’s most ambitious album so far. The record, produced by Jens Ramon Murga, has been two years in the making and for the first time Bastian Kallesøe has recruited a full band for the recordings. The combination of their contribution and Bastian’s impressive and characteristic songwriting makes for an experimental folk pop album full of strong and convincing melodies that aim to please as well as challenge the listener. “One of 2018’s most notable early releases; a moment of tender recline from a world that rarely offers such things; a subtle breeze in the heat of summer” - GoldFlakePaint. “This is what Kalles e does, drawing us in with his unique, soft vocals and titillating melodies and rhythms” - The Revue. Tracks: Gershwin’s Invisible Year / The Moon / Canopy / Lightbulb Serenade / An Evening with Bertrand / There Is No Life on Other Planets / Ballad of the Unseeing Eye / Paris, 2014 / The Rest of Your Life / Gershwin Wakes Up Singing

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