• dz deathrays Bloody Lovely (LP, £14.50)

    label: alcopop!

    Bloody Lovely is the DZ Deathrays' expanded universe: the perfect amalgamation of all that has come before it, but kicking in the afterburners, and shooting into the stratosphere as we all hold on for dear life. Named for a perfectly Australian turn of phrase (favoured by the father of Parsonsí girlfriend: ďitís brutal and beautiful, and super AussieĒ, says Shane) itís a fully-formed progression from their first two albums Bloodstreams (2012) and Black Rat (2014). With Parsons in Sydney and Ridley in Brisbane, Bloody Lovely came together in bits and pieces last year while the duo toured the US, UK, Europe and locally with festival sets and a tour with label mates Violent Soho. The album was recorded at the beginning of this year again with Burke Reid at The Grove Studios where the duoís last album Black Rat was born. So far 2017 has seen DZ conquer the UK, Europe and China on headline tour dates as well as play on a couple of festivals on home soil. We donít know about you but geez we reckon having DZ Deathrays back is Bloody Lovely! Tracks: Shred For Summer / Total Meltdown / Feeling Good, Feeling Great / Like People / High / Guillotine / Bad Influence / Over It / Back & Forth / Afterglow / Witchcraft, Pt. II

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