• australian testing labs Music for Aircooled Motoring (hand-numbered LP, £16.95)

    Following the first Polytechnic Youth release of 2018 (Heartwood Institute) the label return to the fold in super-quick style, with a re-release of an LP which seemingly came from nowhere, yet went on to feature in several end of 2017 Top 10s; becoming something of an underground cult classic and an enduring release for the London synth label since its inception 3 years ago. The mighty “Music For Aircooled Motoring” LP appeared with little fanfare. Its accompanying film clip for awesome opening track “Moto Moto” was all we had to go on, yet its appeal quickly spread by word of mouth and the pressing sold out in next to no time, resulting in original copies reaching £30 online. Described as “supremely fresh, hugely ambitious epic, cinematic krautrock”, the LP was mooted for reissue throughout 2017 and it finally appears again here as a one-off pressing with an extra vintage VW postcard insert, limited to 300 copies. A magical record well deserving of a repress, and though we may not know too much about quite who the enigmatic AUSTRALIAN TESTING LABS are, they leave us with this kosmische gift to enjoy again as they prepare for Vol.II later in 2018!

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