• big bad brute The Great White (LP, £18.50)

    Big Bad Brute is a three-piece rock band from the southern plains of Sweden. They will leave an emotional skid marking the hearts of music fans who like heavy riffs, pounding drums and gnarly licks. With one foot in 70’s rock, one in 90’s alternative and a fingertip in 80’s hardcore, they’ve created what they call “a unique sonic blend”. In reality it’s a complete rip-off, but the band asks that you do not offend them by telling them or anyone else. In early 2017 the band got in touch with Transubstans Records and the two agreed on working together. Out of the dozen songs from the pre-production, eight were selected and re-recorded for what was to become their debut album “The Great White”. While it’s no concept album, there’s certainly a thematic affinity among the songs, both musically and lyrically. TRACK LISTING 01 Cast In Dirt 02 The Great White 03 Trespassing 04 March Of The One-Eyed Horde 05 Cyclops 06 The Greatest View 07 Silence Sounds Like Guilt 08 Leave No Orphan Behind

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