• mynth Parallels (CD, £9.50)

    Mynths' seconds album exudes melancholy. The sinister feeling of Plaat II is vanishing and is transmitted into optimism or at least black humour. Mynths sounds is optimistic, less melancholic, has a brighter sound as we are used to. Itīs more pop than trip hop and downbeat, less pondering heads and more dancing feet. I don't do black / I paint with colours only. In the studio, they acted more like a band and toured in Bulgaria, Mexico and Israel what influenced their production process: live drums and more guitar are involved and they exchanged their whole synthesiser set to prevent to slip back into old patterns. Parallels is however a transformation. Although twins Giovanna and Mario had a distant relationship - one in Berlin and one in Vienna - during writing process, they kept touch via music and they worked parallel alongside. Parallels is a familiar conversation between siblings, separated and reunited, nostalgic and cheerful. TRACK LISTING 1. Smog 2. Mirrors 3. Vault 4. Beginning – End 5. Rose 6. Patters 7. Don't Do Black 8. Honey 9. Magic 10. Release

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