• gaddafi gals The Death of Papi (4-track CD, £6.75)

    Thinking back to my Grant Hills by Fila I can't help but become nostalgic. Gaddafi Gals seem to have a soft spot too, as they name their first single after the sportswear manufacturer. fila also is the first single off their debut EP the death of papi that will be released June 16th on Seayou Records. Not yet a lot is known about the 3 musicians that make up the Gaddafi Gals. When mysterious mixtapes started circulating in Vienna, Munich, Berlin, and Leipzig, that name popped up at illegal raves in warehouses and backyards. Gaddafi Gals are producer walter p99 arke$tra and rappers blaqtea and slimgirl fat. Their music is a bastard composed of Memphis rap, Tupac Shakur and Phil Collins, but ruff, rugged & raw. They are not political in the traditional sense, they chose their name because they're into firearms made of gold and diamond-studded bathtubs (and the question who's lying in it now). They are political in the way they try to reclaim provocation from the right wing. TRACK LISTING 1. the death of papi 2. gaze 3. we need a resolution 4. fila

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