• yeah you VHOD (MC, £4.75)

    label: Alter

    YEAH YOU are MYKL JAXN and ELVIN BRANDHI. A father-daughter fluke who started making music as often as possible in 2013, under a variety of inordinate conditions; much of which has been made on drives in the family car. VHOD (the Slovene word for Entrance) sees Yeah You continuing to inscribe within the interstices. A new access point. Turning roadsides, refuse hubs, traffic islands and pylons into backdrops for this particular series of detergent routs. TRACKLIST: 1. Feet (she is not listening), 2. Autoimmune, 3. if (newDom), 4. Remove in Line, 5. Brackla / clergy, 6. suppress not root warning, 7. W/N/A Return False

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