• kat frankie Bad Behaviour (coloured vinyl LP, £17.50)

    label: Gronland

    Kat Frankie is from Sydney but in 2008 she quit her job and moved to Berlin. “I was a big fan of Chicks On Speed. In an interview they said Berlin was the best place in the world to make music, and I believed them.” She says she likes things ‘messy’ - untidy, teeming, excessive, rich - and the luxuriant diversity of her music reflects that. No question, Kat Frankie writes the most artistic songs you’ll hear in local pop music: rhythmically complex, like the most sophisticated R&B, with divinely intricate vocal harmonies reminiscent of old-time doo-wop and folk. Think of Florence + The Machine or Christine and the Queens. ‘Bad Behaviour’ is a major, boundary breaking work; a creative climax for an exceptional artist and an album that will continue to engage for a long time to come.

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