• private room Forever and Ever (LP, £16.95)

    label: Iron Lung Records

    The debut album from Pacific Northwest power-trio PRIVATE ROOM, is a terse and tense record. With its discordantly bent notes, shots of industrial clang, atonal noise washouts, and boneheaded punk, the album cultivates a forbidding atmosphere for the sardonic lyrics to comfortably reside. With stunning album art provided by Justin Gallego (DREAMDECAY), the stark future-vision of PRIVATE ROOM is immediately apparent. Although a charred cynicism colours Forever and Ever, the music itself elbows at the boundaries of whatever genre - punk, hardcore, noise-rock, or any micro-niche thereof - one might apply to it. It suggests that patterns, be they imposed from above or within, are binds to be broken. Tracklisting 1: The New Elite 2: First World Solutions 3: Life Com 4: Dance Music 5: Good Behavior 6: Failure Narrative 7: Shining Moment 8: Desktop Stain

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