• kim phuc Copsucker (LP, £13.95)

    label: Iron Lung Records

    Copsucker is the pinnacle sound of a band that has been crafting, honing and re-imagining the way punk music should be played, with so much raw atmosphere and energy that it will probably rip you apart. Be careful. If you have had the good fortune to see these guys live then you already know that they are unbelievably tight and intensely powerful without having to lean on novelty or pretence to hook you. Rob might accidentally rub some sweat mud on your pants front but once he's come down he'll most likely offer to clean that victory stain off lickety-split. For those unfamiliar with the KP sound, it lands somewhere near the idea of Warsaw era Joy Division on steroids with a distinct Pittsburgh edge. THE WAIT IS OVER! Welcome home. Tracklisting 1: Animal Mother/Local Roundup 2: Equinox 3: Heathens 4: Prostitute 5: Black Triangle 6: Weird Skies 7:23 8: Razorblades 9: Yeti 10: Wormwood Star

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