• chris webby Wednesday (CD, £11.50)

    This project is the culmination of his Webby Wednesday campaign which started in March 2017 and had him dropping a new piece of content every Wednesday. Since the launch he’s sold thousands of singles, had millions of streams, and has been on several tours. It’s been a very effective campaign for him - and very impressive that he was able to see it through. This is Webby’s second official album and his fans are eagerly anticipating the release. Tracklist: Raw Thoughts, Friend Like Me, Rookie Of The Year, Dazed & Confused (feat. Rittz), Middle Ground, Slow Down (feat. Anoyd & Jitta On The Track), The Stickup (feat. Skrizzly Adams), Call On Me (feat. Alandon), Check The Vibe, Twist Again (La La La), Weirdo (feat. Justina Valentine), The Connect, Mircophone Killa (feat. Merkules), Wild Things, Night Crawler, University Of Life (feat. Madi Wolf), Little Man

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