• and then came fall And Then Came Fall (180g vinyl LP, £17.50)

    And Then Came Fall sounds like a crushing heat that is blown away by a deep sigh. Annelies Tanghe’s lyrics cut, carve, and scratch their way through your soul, but when wrapped up in Sam Pieter Janssens’ musical cloak, they are distilled into pure beauty. Nothing more, nothing less. About life, about love. A musical statement, eschewing all trends and hypes. A melancholy autumn journey that leaves you wanting more. Last, but certainly not least, there is hope here, which slowly nestles deep into your heart. This fresh start by Tanghe and Janssens has definitely given sparkle to their oeuvre. After Iza and ZeeSter, they are adding a mature chapter to their stories with And Then Came Fall. And Then Came Fall is the musical creation of Annelies Tanghe (Iza, ZeeSter) and Sam Pieter Janssens (a.k.a. Klankman), born in Leuven (Belgium). The project was launched last summer, with four demo recordings blossoming from this. The feel was good and the numbers deserved the best framework possible. Which is why they recorded the full album in 2017 in that faithful, old tradition: live, spontaneous, and full of soul. Together with Koen Gisen (An Pierlé, Bony King, Sarah Ferri, and more), Steven Van Gelder on drums (Lady Linn, Tout va bien, and more), and Jasper Hautekiet on bass (The Rhythm Junks, Admiral Freebee, and more), they immortalised the songs on tape in the legendary La Patrie Studio in Ghent. Pieter Van Dessel (Marble Sounds) and An Pierlé also contributed their vocal virtuosity to the project. I fought against the demons in my head, against my longing to be dead my childhood I relived it all looking for answers and then came fall. Tracklisting Side A: 1 Mirror 2 Disqualified 3 Black And White 4 Homeless 5 Take Us 6 Over And Gone. Side B: 1 Gambler 2 Carved 3 Forget About Me 4 Biggest Enemy 5 Wailing Wall 6 And Then Came Fall

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