• moviestar Stupid People Happy Days (CD, £12.75)

    Intergalactic archaeologists Moviestar prepare to astound and amaze with their new collection of sci-fi infused punk-rock tracks. The first single to be taken from the album, Stupid People, is a fuzz-filled, electro-punk anthem about people on earthÖ The track is instantly catchy from the offset, filled with a plethora of futuristic sounds and a shit ton of reverb. Moviestar are not just a band, they are a reality experience. Their live shows encompass performance, art, storytelling, fashion and music in a whole new transcending form. Okay, cards on the table, we are quite smitten with this. Truth is we donít know why, it just kind of sloped beneath our radar and sneaked by our defences, it might be down to the fact that it purrs day dreamily and thoughtfully with a head in the clouds nonchalance, partly slacker-esque yet irresistibly trimmed in a twinkle toning cuteness that catches you off guard, its softly teased sunny disposition snoozing amid a becoming lazy eyed radiance that sweetly curdles and coos with a lilting pastoral phrasing. Adorable. - LOSING TODAY. Tracks: 1. Introduction 2. Stupid People 3. Chosen Ones 4. Fortune Teller 5. Ronny 6. Lonely 7. Killer Fans 8. Lovesong 9. Technology 10. Trip To Mars 11. Happy Days.

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