• sea goat Tata (CD, £15.95)

    SEA GOAT was formed in 1973 with a focus on creating music inspired by the progressive musical landscape at that time, far from the songs that were played on the radio back then. SEA GOAT experimented with special instruments like cello, classical guitar, recorder and zither, which all was very unusual at that time. Torsten Hartmann, the founder of Massacre Records and Blue Rose Records, was one of the original members. Influences include King Crimson, Genesis and Gentle Giant as well as Nick Drake, Tim Buckley, and other classic English songwriters. The bandís collaboration gave birth to a refreshing sound full of romantic, dark/gothic and progressive sound structures. Torsten Hartmann explains: "We tried to write songs in a different way and with a deeper meaning, like our idols did in the 70Ďs." From 1975-1982, SEA GOAT played many shows in Southern Germany. In 2006, the SEA GOAT musicians came together to celebrate Klaus Schulzís 50th birthday at a party, which turned out to be the start for and discussion about a new age of SEA GOAT. And this is how, after all these years, SEA GOAT returned to its beginnings. The get-together of four friends after many years with the intention to write new songs - lyrical songs, progressive in any way, romantic, virtuous but modest and without any focus or eye on contemporary music - was a unique experience for everyone involved - they found themselves and their musical bound again.

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