• psychic t v Kondole / Dead Cat (double CD + DVD, £31.95)

    Psychic TV (sometimes spelled Psychick TV), or PTV, is an English experimental video art and music group, formed by performance artist Genesis P-Orridge and video director Peter Christopherson after the break-up of Throbbing Gristle. Psychic TV is signed to Some Bizzare Label working along with Alex Fergusson, musician and producer from Alternative TV. The band began publishing a monthly series of 23 live albums in 1986, but stopped without explanation after only 17. Cold Spring are proud to announce "Kondole / Dead Cat" - a double CD and DVD collection, presented in a lavish 8-panel matte sleeve with booklet. The RARE film features: DEREK JARMAN, ANDREW TIERNAN (‘The Pianist’, ‘300’, ‘The Bunker’, Derek Jarman’s ‘Edward II’) and GENESIS P-ORRIDGE. TRACKLIST: CD1: 1. Dead Cat (Long Version) (48:06) / CD2: 1. Thee Whale (23:06) 2. Thee Shadow Creatures (23:00) 3. Dead Cat (Short Version) (23:04) / DVD: Dead Cat Film (20 mins)

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