• graham fenton & the western all-stars Raging Heart (CD, £10.75)

    Graham Fenton was the front-man of 80s hit-makers Matchbox, who had numerous top 20 hits and albums. In 2007 he recorded a solo album for Western Star records which sold out fast and has remained out of print and hard to get for the last 6 years. So, we have decided to reissue this great 15 track album. 1. Raging Heart 2. Three Months To Kill 3. Roly Poly 4. Right Out Of Love Baby Blue 5. You’re The Reason 6. Standing On A Rock 7. Cajun Baby 8. Dear Dad 9. Crying Over You 10. What Ya’ Gonna Do? 11. Give Me The Right 12. Move Over Tiger 13. Just Too Late 14. Try Once More 15. Jet Black Machine

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