• george jackson Leavin' Your Homework Undone (CD, £12.95)

    One of soul music’s foremost singer-songwriters for over 40 years, the late George Jackson is always a favourite among those who buy their southern soul music on Kent. It’s been some while since we last brought you anything from George but after a lengthy and exhaustive trawl of the Fame tape inventory, with many long hours spent identifying tapes on which no vocalists were credited, Kent is delighted to bring you a fourth and final volume of George’s wonderful Fame recordings.  “Leaving Your Homework Undone” brings together 24 previously unheard and unissued tracks that were recorded between 1968 and 1971. Some are demos, most feature the classic second FAME rhythm section that is generally known as ‘The Swampers’; all are pretty great.  Even the most ardent Jackson completist will never have heard most of these songs before. Among the more familiar tracks are George’s original versions of ‘A Man And A Half’, ‘Never In Public’ and ‘I’m Gonna Hold On’, songs that were later cut commercially by Wilson Pickett, Candi Staton and George himself.  In the years since Volume 3 of George’s Fame recordings appeared, we have frequently been asked if there would be a fourth volume. We are sure that all southern soul fans will find that the lengthy archival research that went into “Leaving Your Homework Undone” has been worthwhile.  TRACKLIST 1. I GOT A FEELING 2. I’M GONNA HOLD ON (TO WHAT I’VE GOT) (Demo) 3. WHAT KIND OF WOMAN ARE YOU 4. I’M GLAD TO HAVE WHAT HE DIDN’T WANT 5. I SLOWLY KILLED YOUR LOVE FOR ME 6. A WOMAN RESPECTS A MAN 7. A FEW PRECIOUS MOMENTS 8. DON’T TELL ME NOTHING ABOUT MY BABY 9. A MAN AND A HALF 10. IF THIS IS LOVE 11. I WISH I WAS A CHILD AGAIN 12. LEAVIN’ YOUR HOMEWORK UNDONE 13. QUICKSAND AROUND MY MIND 14. TWO WAY PROPOSITION (Duet with Marjorie Ingram) 15. I GOT TO STOP YOU ROAD RUNNER 16. HUMPIN’ TO PLEASE 17. YOUR LOVE IS SO GOOD 18. NEVER IN PUBLIC 19. YOU CAUGHT ME RED HANDED 20. OH BABY WHAT YOU’RE DOING TO ME 21. KEEP YOUR BUSINESS TO YOURSELF 22. YOUR LOVE MADE A U-TURN 23. WEEKEND LOVE 24. WAIT TILL THE TIME IS RIGHT

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