• andre ethier Under Grape Leaves (LP, £20.75)

    In Andre Ethierís (The Deadly Snakes) remarkable Under Grape Leaves, a world emerges in and out of focus under the dappled green light of a backyard arbor. This collection of songs offers a kind of escape, but the invitation is less about checking out than it is about checking in. The record feels like a surreal and subtle manifesto for embracing radical domesticity in the midst of the modern storm, which here is just a distant synthetic rumble in the background. There are shifts in perspective and in landscape, from the rhythms of dishes knocking together in the sink to the space between the sea and the sea wall. Blending acoustic guitar with common household instruments like flute, recorder, and a drum machine, this feels homemade in the most literal sense. But this isnít to say that it the record doesn’t come across as carefully constructed ó the attention to detail is evident in each well considered line and in the whole projectís wave-like flow. ďUnder Grape LeavesĒ was produced by Sandro Perri. Tracklist: 01.Psychedelic Music 02. Banana Grove 03. On Mondays 04. Socks 05. BC Trash Floats Up Island 06. Big Wheel At the Ashram 07. Iíll See Myself In Your High 08. Under Grape Leaves 09. Parallel Highways 10. Making a Living

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