• accused They Should've Had Red Hair!! (CD, £8.25)

    label: Only Fit for the Bin

    Brace yourselves… Finally here is the album The Accused should have made back in 1978 when they FIRST formed. 40 years later the Accused have now saved up enough money and have learned to play their instruments and with the same original punk spirit have at last recorded those early punk masterpieces at the legendary Woodbine Studios. Everything from ‘Solihull’, ‘Arrested’ and ‘Generation Gap’ from the “Mell Square Musick” EP to live favourites ‘We're Crap’ and ‘Fast Breeder’. 19 tracks of properly recorded original UK Punk Rock from the home of the Shirley Temple. "They should’ve had red hair" features three original members and a new drummer, all the original set and some new tracks too. Still snotty, still meaning it. Punk Rock old school and original!

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