• bar-kays As One / Nightcruising / Propositions / Dangerous (double CD, £10.95)

    Following on from the success of Robinsongs’ Bar-Kays 2 on 1 “Light Of Life” and “Injoy”, Robinsongs now bring you a 4 on 2 package.  These four albums were released in the early 80s, and the album “Nightcruising” was to be their third Gold album, all four albums made the Top 10 in the Billboard Soul & R&B Album chart.  “As One” featured the singles ‘Boogie Body Land’ a Top 10 R&B single and ‘Body Fever’.  “Nightcruising” included the single ‘Hit And Run’ a Top 5 R&B single.  “Propositions” gave us ‘Do It (Let Me See You Shake)’ another Top 10 R&B single and ‘She Talks To Me With Her Body’ and the classic BarKays ballad ‘Anticipation’.  “Dangerous” featured ‘Freakshow On The Dance Floor’ a #2 R&B single which was from the movie Breakin’ starring Adolfo Quinones, and the Disco classic ‘Dirty Dancer’ and perhaps the most well-known Bar-Kays dance track ‘Sexomatic’, which also charted in the U.K.  Other stand out cuts are ‘Traffic Jammers’, ‘Deliver Us’, ‘Do It (Let Me See Your Body Shake)’ and ‘Busted’.  Extensive sleeve notes by Charles Waring of MOJO & Record Collector.  TRACK LISTING: DISC ONE: AS ONE 1. BOOGIE BODY LAND 2. SAY IT THROUGH LOVE 3. WORK IT OUT 4. BODY FEVER 5. AS ONE 6. TAKE THE TIME TO LOVE SOMEBODY 7. OPEN YOUR HEART 8. DELIVER US / NIGHTCRUISING 9. NIGHTCRUISING 10. HIT AND RUN 11. FEELS LIKE I’M FALLING IN LOVE 12. FREAKY BEHAVIOUR 13. TOUCH TONE 14. UNFORGETTABLE DREAM 15. TRAFFIC JAMMERS 16. BACKSEAT DRIVER / DISC TWO: PROPOSITIONS 1. PROPOSITIONS 2. TRIPPING OUT 3. ANTICIPATION 4. (BUSTED) 5. DO IT (LET ME SEE YOU SHAKE) 6. SHE TALKS TO ME WITH HER BODY 7. I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’RE LEAVING ME 8. YOU MADE A CHANGE IN MY LIFE / DANGEROUS 9. DANGEROUS 10. DIRTY DANCER 11. MAKE BELIEVE LOVE 12. DANCE PARTY (ETC) 13. FREAKSHOW ON THE DANCEFLOOR 14. LOVERS SHOULD NEVER FALL IN LOVE 15. LOOSE TALK 16. SEXOMATIC

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