• sonic blooms: uk alt-folk & new roots rising  (double CD, £11.50)

    ‘Sonic Blooms’ is a double album compilation of the UK's finest emerging alt-folk and new roots music, released on Folk & Honey, a label created by the UK's leading folk gig listing site. ‘Sonic Blooms’ has been curated by leading alt-folk promoters New Roots and features the scene’s most exciting talent, including Brooke Sharkey, Leonie Evans, The Nightjar, Low Chimes, Jinwoo, Ned Roberts and many more. ‘Sonic Blooms’ shines a light on a wonderfully diverse, vibrant scene that is happening right now, on its own terms, mostly without the backing of the media, the music industry, or the folk music establishment. Call it alternative folk, call it new roots, it pulses under the surface with word of mouth gigs in perfectly intimate venues, put together by dedicated owners and promoters - everyone there for the music, everyone there to listen intently to what these young, innovative artists are creating. Though built from the ashes of a folk awareness, the flame for most of the work on this album was lit in a city setting. For many of these musicians their sound is the result of soaking up everything the metropolis throws at them. You can hear it in the easy cultural mix of English and French in Brooke Sharkey's 'Faces', Robert Chaney's noir city tales, the urban electronics that underpin Sisika's 'Routes', Adam Beattie's story of what it is to be an immigrant in the city. This music is fearless and fiercely intelligent, led neither by fast changing fashion nor the rules of tradition; these are independent artists with independent voices. It's curious and open-minded - you can hear the hunger for pushing boundaries in the progressive jazz spices that flavour Leonie Evans and Low Chimes, the anthemic pop choruses that lift Ferris & Sylvester and Tobias Ben Jacob, the repetitive rhythms that subtly echo Detroit techno and systems music in Firefly Burning and Mishaped Pearls, and the uncategorisable post-folk of Jinnwoo and The Nightjar. TRACKLISTING: CD1 1. Firefly Burning - Beloved 2. Ma Polaine's Great Decline - Been Loved Too Much 3. Brooke Sharkey - Faces 4. The Nightjar - Cockleshell 5. Mishaped Pearls - Six Dukes 6. Low Chimes - Blood Orange 7. Jinnwoo - Waiting For P To Have A Vision 8. Leonie Evans - Freya 9. Sisika - Routes 10. Robert Chaney & Laura Tenschert - Corozones Amarillos / CD2 1. Whiskey Moonface - Dictionaries 2. Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker - I Never Learned French 3. Adam Beattie & The Consultants - The Same Sea 4. Ned Roberts - Drifting Down 5. Samantha Whates - Icicle 6. Benedict Benjamin - My Feet Have No Need For The Ground 7. MG Boulter - Clifftown 8. Ferris & Sylvester - Save Yourself 9. Sailing Stones - Blazing Sun 10. Tobias Ben Jacob – Parallel

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