• someday jacob Everybody Knows Something Good (CD, £11.50)

    Working for a song: that’s what the quartet formed around singer, songwriter and guitarist Joern Schlueter is all about. Not about quick key stimulus, not above self-staging – and surely not about making music to be better than somebody else. With Someday Jacob, music isn’t a competition, but a conversation: Everybody knows something good. The new and third record, titled “Everybody Knows Something Good”, Someday Jacob go to town. Whereas the songs of the last record evoked images of forests and valleys, here the tone becomes more direct – this record is rather a house than a field. “These new songs seem to quite immediate and open.”, says Schlueter, “there is a clarity that sort of surprised ourselves. We felt like, maybe it’s time we show ourselves a bit more. To me songwriting is a journey that leads to the inside and the outside at the same time – the more you get in touch with yourself, the more your music is able to speak to others. We were looking for a sound that communicates that.” Just like the last time, they found their man in Nashville, TN: Grammy-winning Ryan Hewitt (Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Johnny Cash, Avett Brothers, Angus & Julia Stone) mixed the record which was mastered again by Richard Dodd (Tom Petty, George Harrison). “It’s just amazing what Ryan did to the songs – the sheer quality of his work brings the music to a totally new level. It was great to feel somebody understands what you’re doing and adds his magic to it.” TRACKLISTING: 1. Leaving New York 2. Hands of Love 3. Slow Down 4. Hide Within You 5. Your Medicine 6. Everybody Knows Something Good 7. Man Without a Cause 8. Can You Feel Me 9. Sorrow and a Song 10. Better Than This 11. Me and You (Ruth's Song)

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