• hypnoskull Die4.Generation (double CD, £16.50)

    label: Ant-Zen

    'Die4.generation' digs deep into one of the most remarkable periods of post-war Europe and more particular Germany. Growing up between Belgium and Germany, Patrick Stevens tried to relive the images from his childhood - like in Fassbinder's film 'Die Dritte Generation', with a constant stream of the sound of television and radio in the background, this album is full of disturbing audio snippets from late seventies and early eighties German news. On a musical level, the album builds further on the path of the 'Immer Wieder Nein' album and on the earliest roots of the Hypnoskull project where rhythms and techno were combined with noise and industrial music. Also includes five re-interpretations of the title track made by Elisabeth Marta Hilgenberg, New Frames, 6siss, Imminent and D. Carbone.

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