• hawkwind Space Chase 1980-1985 (CD, £20.75)

    label: cleopatra

    This deluxe release focuses on the crucial early '80s output from spacerock legends Hawkwind! The CD features highlights from the albums 'Levitation', 'Sonic Attack', 'Choose Your Masques' and 'The Chronicle Of The Black Sword', all packaged with full liner notes, a 50+ page colour booklet, selected discography, rare photos, a free poster and more! This line-up of the band featured Hawkwind founder Dave Brock, celebrated guitarist Huw-Lloyd Langton, plus legendary (ex-Cream a.o.) drummer Ginger Baker! TRACKLISTING: 01. LEVITATION 02. MOTOR WAY CITY 03. WORLD OF TIERS 04. SPACE CHASE 05. SHOT DOWN IN THE NIGHT (SINGLE VERSION) 06. ROCKY PATHS 07. ANGELS OF DEATH 08. LIVING ON A KNIFE EDGE 09. NUCLEAR DRIVE 10. CHOOSE YOUR MASQUES 11. SILVER MACHINE (1982 SINGLE VERSION) 12. WAITING FOR TOMORROW 13. DRAGONS & FABLES 14. THE SEA KING 15. NEEDLE GUN

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