• kanker kommando Low Tech 1982-1988 (LP, £15.95)

    Compiling both released and previously unreleased material from the eighties, Kanker Kommando's 'Low Tech 1982-1988' is a revelatory retrospective, shining a light on one of Belgium's best kept secrets. Forming in 1980 as a punk group, influenced by English post-punkers Swell Maps, Kanker Kommando quickly evolved, and by 1982 they were fully invested in making experimental music on primitive electronics. Their music was free of traditional boundaries, and reflected the grimness of their times, which resulted in a deteriorating, roughly-hewn sound. A1 - Implosieve Kracht A2 Slaapwandel A3 - .Ead A4 Signal B1 Kwetsbaar B2 - Naakt B3 Count

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