• nicholas krgovich In An Open Field (CD, £11.50)

    This record could just as easily be called “In A Sunny South Pasadena Living Room” or “In A Tin-Roofed Hut On A Remote Island In Winter”, the settings where cult acclaimed songwriter Nicholas Krgovich wrote the elegant album “In An Open Field”. It is the result of Krgovich emptying out his life and committing to songwriting as a daily practice; sip coffee, make toast, sit at the piano and just hoping that the clock hands spin and at the end of the day there’s a new demo to listen to while making dinner and settling down to quiet evenings of re-runs and the occasional whiskey. It is all wrapped up in irresistible melodies, airtight songwriting, beautifully nuanced arrangements, and buoyant performances from musicians like trombonist Peter Zummo (Arthur Russell’s frequent collaborator), legendary pedal steel player B.J. Cole, Angel Deradoorian, and psych-pop wiz Chris Cohen. From the feather-light saxophone harmonies on “Country Boy” to the gorgeously floaty first single “My Riverboat” the record is the finest work yet of a man who has built a formidable discography over the last fifteen years with groups No Kids, P:ano & Gigi, and collaborations with Amber Coffman (ex-Dirty Projectors), Mount Eerie and Nite Jewel (who also guests on the record). There is much to delight and turn over on “In An Open Field”, a gentle adventure from a master of sophisticated pop bliss. Get into it. Tracks: Parade / Country Boy / Do It Again / Blue Wave / A List / The World Tonight / Sad Am I, Glad Am I / A Day In October / I Don’t Know / Now / On The Main Drag / My Riverboat

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