• cindy wilson Change (LP, £18.75)

    label: kill rock stars

    After 40 years as one-third of the creative core of The B-52's, Cindy Wilson steps out with her own solo album. A collaboration between Wilson and friends and Athens musicians Ryan Monahan, Lemuel Hayes, Suny Lyon and Marie Davon, Change marks a significant departure from Wilson's other band. With echoes of Air, Bjork, Tame Impala and Gary Numan, the band refers to its infectious brand of new-wave electro-pop as Turbo Chill. Rather than shouting in a rock voice, on “Change” Wilson gets to experiment with more emotional, subtle vocalisations, crooning and whispering over swirls of subtle psychedelia, Quincy Jones-era strings, and pulsing synths. Tracks: People Are Asking / Stand Back Time / Mystic / No One Can Tell You / Change / Things I’d Like To Say / Sunrise / On The Inside / Brother / Memory

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