• gutara kyo Gutara Kyo (10" LP, £15.95)

    Our global travels searching for the wildest rock’n’roll sounds in existence has so far only yielded one release from a Japanese band (RAYDIOS), until now. To commemorate Slovenly 200, we present, from Kobe, GŪTARA KYŌ, and their self-titled vinyl debut on our Mondo Mongo imprint. “GŪTARA KYŌ” (roughly translated: crazy slovenlies) reminds us of our earliest experiences with hardcore punk as teenagers, pulsing blood to the skull and clotting. There is a youthful fury and hilarity in every track, with painful, ear-piercing skree from start to finish, harnessing both the loose garage punk swagger of TEENGENERATE and the blistering hardcore attack of LOS CRUDOS, with Matsumoto-san shrieking in Japanese for the duration. Previously only available as a CD on Bakudan (JP), this new edition comes on a large-hole 10” platter and features an insert with lyrics translated to English by Greg Snazz. Mastered for vinyl by Tim Warren. Tracklisting 1:限界突破 (Fed up) 2:ダイブ (Drive) 3:白昼夢 (Daydream) 4:やかましいわ (You're noisy) 5:君じゃなき (It's gotta be you) 6:ロマンチック (Romantic) 7:ゴー (Go) 8:大好き おまわりさん (I love the police) 9:ヤメロ! (Stop it!)

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