• alan bishop & sam shalabi Mother of All Sinners (140g vinyl LP, £22.95)

    2016. Our own Saraswati Series, mostly string orientated, zigzags between the lines where underground andHigh-Art performance overlap. Out jumps the first part of our actively anti-Western sub series : the “Puppet on a String” twin albums! Osama Shalabi, a born Egyptian (best known for his work with Shalabi Effect & Land Of Kush), is an expert playing the Oud, a traveller between the eastern and western worlds and long time contributor to the Montreal scene. Sam - who spent the last few years home in Cairo - breathes his own sense of space and time through the epic "Tamara”, an 18-minute long melodic, delightful improvisation. The other story starts in Agouza, Cairo, where Sam Shalabi & Alan Bishop spent some time jamming. They’d run free, lose form, find intensity, and wound up creating a contemporary version of oriental psychedelic free form. A mindblowing, wild, never mellow Cairo night, now documented here. It‘s getting intense: A north-African sandstorm.“Mother Of All Sinners” is released as a one-time limited run pressing. It has an extra heavy deluxe cover and a solid printed inlay. Tracklisting A:Faith Of Our Fathers - Sam Shalabi / Alan Bishop B:Tamara - Sam Shalabi C:Mr Koko - Sam Shalabi D:Why Can't Chinese Women Drive - Alvarius B

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