• haram When You Have Won, You Have Lost (LP, £15.95)

    label: La Vida Es Un Mus

    After one demo and one 7" on Toxic State, Haram from Nuke York release their debut album. Taking their name from the Arabic word for ‘forbidden’, Haram play simple hardcore with lyrics sung entirely in Arabic. The sound is agitated and slightly deranged which hints at both Japanese hardcore and classic 80's European hardcore. The songs are driven by a primitive drum sound, melodic guitar work and intense vocals by Lebanese frontman Nader. Haram stands out as one of the most culturally relevant, challenging and important bands in America. Tracklisting 1:Who am I, Who are you? 2:Eye for an Eye 3:American Police 4:The Prophet 5:Voice of the Hari'meen 6:Your President, Not a President 7:In Defence of Yourself 8:Not a Terrorist 9:What is this Life? 10:Road to Liberation

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