• edguy Monuments (double CD, £12.25)

    label: Nuclear Blast

    25 years of Edguy - a silver anniversary that demands celebration. This Autumn Sammet and original members Dirk Sauer (guitar) and guitarist Jens Ludwig (guitar), as well as his groovy rhythm section of more than 20 years, Tobias Exxel (bass) and Felix Bohnke (drums), will present their greatest hits on the ‘The Best Of The Best’ tour. As a prelude to this, ‘Monuments’ features not only 22 carefully-selected highlights from the band’s catalogue but also five brand new tracks that showcase Edguy at their best. The collection is completed by the previously unreleased ‘Reborn In The Waste’, which dates back to 1995 as part of the ‘Savage Poetry’ recordings.  The Earbook and Digibook formats of ‘Monuments’ also include a DVD containing a complete concert filmed in Sao Paulo on the legendary ‘Hellfire Club’ tour from 2004, as well as all the German quintet’s promo videos. Frontman Tobias Sammet explains: “There are probably not many musicians who are lucky enough to be able to look back on a 25-year-old band history at the end of their thirties. And especially without any line-up changes in the last 20 years! This is even more incredible considering that we’re not from Birmingham, New York or a German metropolis but from a small town called Fulda, a place where you normally only know about the insights of the music business by hearsay.”  The story began in February 1992, when four students from Fulda formed a band. Fuelled by abundance of teenage passion, the quartet of 14-year olds (Tobias Sammet, Jens Ludwig, Dirk Sauer, and drummer Dominik Storch) named their band Edguy after their physics teacher’s nickname. They first started by playing songs by Bon Jovi, AC/DC and Kiss but recorded their first demo cassettes with their own songs only two years later. In 1995 they recorded their debut album, ‘Savage Poetry’, at their own expense, which ultimately led to the long awaited record deal.  In 2014 Edguy released their tenth studio album ‘Space Police: Defenders Of The Crown’. “I think that we present ourselves on this record just as Edguy should be. This is a tribute to our past as well as to our future. Songs such as ‘Space Police’, ‘Sabre & Torch’, or ‘Defenders Of The Crown’ have the fire and the heaviness of our old stuff, but at the same time they are much more mangy, contemporary and adult.” The front man summarises the work ethic of the band: “We can always say with clear conscience that we have delivered the best that we could afford. And the people feel it and honour it. If you betray yourself as a musician in not giving everything, you will also betray your fans.”  The band have built a huge and loyal fanbase all over the world. In the 25 years that Edguy have been in business they have formed their own immediately recognisable style without letting themselves get stuck to a rigid pattern. They have played countless concerts in over 40 countries and stormed the charts with their albums. The Germans have achieved a lot and still plan more but first they’re going to celebrate their jubilee with ‘Monuments’.

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