• dan terminus Automated Refrains (digipak CD, £12.75)

    Dan Terminus – the French retro phenomenon – returns after the universal acclaim of his surprise sleeper cyberpunk hit, “The Wrath of Code”. After a two-and-a-half-year absence, Terminus delivers “Automated Refrains” – the long-awaited follow up that elicits his most mature work to date. The album recalls a healthy mixture of Terminus's smooth early synthwave in conjunction with the unhinged distortion of his notorious breakthrough record; peppered throughout with a healthy dose of vocoder elegies, harpsichord flourishes, and subtle nods to classic video game soundtracks as well as Tangerine Dream. Hailing from the legendary land of the binary masters, Dan Terminus remains one of the most whispered-about secrets in the electronic scene with each new work catapulting Terminus's mastery forward five-fold. With “Automated Refrains,” Dan has eclipsed his previous work with a more developed and unique sound that throws the gauntlet down for the legends of the scene to match. “Automated Refrains” is a lamentation for a long lost world that never was, where machines exist without memory. Ultra high-quality CD in 6-panel sleeve, glass-mastered specifically for CD. TRACKLIST 1. Fall of the Ancient World 2. Margaritifer 3. Angelus 4. Grimoire Blanc 5. Friendship through Clear Plastic Walls 6. Vesubian 7. Deus Mecanicus 8. Electronic Snow 9. Refuge 10. Dirge of the Ancient Machines

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