• five horse johnson Fat Black Pussycat (180g vinyl LP, £20.75)

    label: Small Stone

    A re-release of their classic 1998 album on heavyweight vinyl.  When Five Horse Johnson formed back in the year of 1995, and announced themselves as a Blues Band, their friends may have thought they had cause to worry. After all, it is a well-worn banality that white boys can only ever hope to mimic the blues, isn't it? The band has always understood that the Blues isn't a formula, but a way of looking at the world; their blues is a dirty, sensual thing.  Over the past decade, Five Horse Johnson has honed out a niche all their own, combining their love and respect for the Blues, Classic Rock and other, less dog-eared influences of their youth to become one of the most loved and respected bands in the Stoner Rock community.  TRACKLIST: 01. LIGHTNING WHEN I NEED 02. FLY BACK HOME 03. SO LOW 04. SHE DON'T KNOW 05. SERMONS IN THE YARD 06. SAY WE CAN 07. BLEACHIN' BONES 08. CLIMB RIGHT THROUGH 09. I CRIED 10. DEAD LANGUAGE

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