• tom waits Mule Variations (180g vinyl double LP, £18.25)

    label: Anti-

    Tom Waits is one of the most innovative artists in popular music. His singular vision embraces everything from blues to tin-pan-alley to jazz to just about anything else you can think of. Grammy winner, actor, poet, a master of the musical collage and lyrical surprise, Tom Waits is simply a giant. Mule Variations offers the most complete picture of Tom Waits of any of his albums. Edgy stomps, humour and experimentation are interspersed with some of the most beautiful and personal songs he's ever written. Track Listing Side 1
  1.  Big In Japan     2.  Lowside Of The Road     3.  Hold On     4.  Get Behind The Mule  / Side 2
  1.  House Where Nobody Lives     2.  Cold Water     3.  Pony     4.  What's He Building?  / Side 3
  1.  Black Market Baby     2.  Eyeball Kid     3.  Picture In A Frame     4.  Chocolate Jesus /  Side 4
  1.  Georgia Lee     2.  Filipino Box Spring Hog     3.  Take It With Me     4.  Come On Up To The House. + DL card.

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