• acid pauli Selected Indianer Works (Songs from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 'Es War Einmal Indianerland') (LP, £18.95)

    Acid Pauli and Nico Stojan's label Ouïe proudly presents the original film score and soundtrack album for the new German movie 'Es war einmal Indianerland' which translates into 'Once upon a time in Indian Country' which is centred around brand new songs by Acid Pauli. On this vinyl version you'll find a fine selection of new works by Acid Pauli that are taken from the soundtrack. Equally exceptional, thrilling and inventive as the film is the soundtrack of Acid Pauli aka Martin Gretschmann (The Notwist, Console) which plays a central role and originates from the close collaboration between Acid Pauli and director Ilker Çatak. "When I confirmed the film project, I was at that time constantly listening to Acid Pauli's music. Every time I looked at the screenplay one of his mixes was playing. So I thought: it would be awesome if the film was accompanied by this kind of music." says Çatak. Acid Pauli's music, as proved on his BLD album, is as eclectic and adventurous as Acid Pauli himself: from dystopian, carnivalesque moods via moments of high intensity to deep melancholia and fragile atmosphere - boundaries are being teared down. Sometime psychedelic and far out, sometime focused, catchy with one eye on the dancefloor. But never predictable. A musical work for the adventurous. This was the basis for a close collaboration, a joint journey to Mexico and the fascinating soundtrack of an exceptional film. 'His œuvre is much more than the stuff he made as Acid Pauli. And that's what he offered me - it was like you're going to a lake but instead you see an ocean.' says Ilker Çatak. 'He always grasped what I was looking for. The soundtrack is a mixture of his old and new tracks and music of artists that he knows.' * Tracklist: A1. Mauser (Intro) A2. Halbstark A3. El Condor y la brasa A4. Edda's Cumbia A5. Serge A6. Wilhelm Tell A7. Resowing B1. Anan feat. Miri B2. Release B3. Acid Mauser B4. Remini. + DL.

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