• blues pills Lady In Gold: Live In Paris (double CD, £12.25)

    label: Nuclear Blast

    Blues Pills are what they call the band of the hour. Their latest album, ‘Lady In Gold’, not only rocketed them onto position #1 of the German album charts (Top 40 in the UK) and brought them numerous other chart entries all around the globe but also led them through the vast majority of the European continent. Known for their powerful and jam laden live performances, the multi-national band keeps enthusing ever-growing crowds wherever they go. • On October 30th, 2016, the group played a sold out show in front of 1200 euphoric fans at Le Trianon in Paris, France, showcasing their chart-breaking second album in all its glory but with even more power and a much rawer, more rock & roll edge to it. • As stated by the band: “We are stoked to share with you that we will release a live record which was recorded during our show in Paris at Le Trianon last October on the ‘Lady In Gold’ tour. We decided to do this because we want to share our live experience with all our fans and also those fans who might have never had the chance to see us live. The live interpretation of our songs differs a lot from the studio record versions. We would call it a bit more rock’n’roll, more heavy, more jam parts, more psychedelic parts - simply another experience. Playing live is what we’ve always enjoyed most. In no other situation can you connect as deep with your fans. We tried to catch the magical moments and emotions of the live atmosphere on record for your living rooms, cars and wherever you will rock out to it. Paris was chosen because it means a lot to us to play in this beautiful city and also le Trianon is one of the most beautiful venues in Europe - this needed to get shared with you!” • Recorded in Paris last year, this new live album showcases Blues Pills delivering wave after wave of their blues-infused soul. Incredible musicianship for a band so young, spearheaded by one of the most striking contemporary vocalists.

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