• ash my love Money (LP, £28.75)

    When you listen to Ash My Love, it’s hard to believe that they are “just” a duo, their energy surprising the listener in every song. Andreas Dauböck (drums, guitar, vocals) and Ursula Winterauer (bass, vocals) are proof that the old Rock’n’Roll saying “less is more” is true to the core. After all, reduction and concentration are the most important virtues of every songwriter. By following these rules, the duo delivers a dirty counterdraft to the baroque congestion of today’s digital auto-tune-pop. Consistently, both have passed on using any digital technology while producing “Money” - on all levels. From the effect machines to the recording on tape and the cut on vinyl records, everything was done with the help of analoge devices, which means: no possibility to cut on computers after the recordings are over. Due to this self-inflicted restriction, ASH MY LOVE was able to focus on the main thing: expressing their energy with the most direct sound ever. Tracks: God’s Got It / Bo! / Mini / Heathen / Asleep / Darling (Oh My)/ Like the Devils / Money / My Prayers / Buried Alive

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