• yandom Mean Motive (12", £8.95)

    YANDOM are not new to the scene. But then again – they are. The project has been kicked off by YANNICK LABBÉ and DOMINIK MARZ, already renowned producers and DJs before they decided to join forces in in January of 2017 with their remix for DEKODEKO on Leipzig-based label O*RS. YANDOM's productions are discoid excursions to the dark side – a sound spanning from leftfield italo-esque productions to straight up techno-bangers. A sound already loved and played by artists like MICHAEL MAYER, SOLOMUN, KORNEL KOVACS and many more. As DJs, YANDOM deliver an infectious and very musical freestyle approach, dropping anything from techno to vintage classics and held together by a strong foundation of electronica. A YANDOM-set is anything but random – and yes, they do look as good in reality as on the photos. Track: 1 Artist: Yandom Title: Mean Motive Playtime: 00:06:51 / Track: 2 Artist: Yandom Title: Mean Motive Version: Daniel Bortz Remix

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