• soul festival  (CD, £11.25)

    While “Soul Togetherness” on Expansion continues to feature the best new floor fillers of each year, “Soul Festival” is here now with a collection of music reflecting the label’s love of 70s soul. “Soul Festival” spans the period from when new soul music took influence from the Northern soul we enjoy here at UK clubs and events. As the decade progressed, records became more lavish in their arrangement and grander in production, always with that essential soul feel, and that’s what you will find here on this compilation. Music from this era is thankfully plentiful, always something to discover or enjoy all over again. Much has been reissued before, not always legally or of great sound quality, and so the intention of this series is to bring tracks together on both LP vinyl and CD of a high standard that are rare or have not previously appeared on one of these formats or the other. Tracklisting 

1. I Can't Move No Mountains - Margie Joseph
2. Can We Share It - Rick Sheppard
3. Are We Ready For Love - Pattie Austin
4. What Good Am I - TSU Tornadoes
5. Spoiled Like A Baby - Mystique
6. Free And Easy - Satyr
7. I Was Born To Love You - Timeless Legend
8. What's Your Name - Leon Ware
9. Never Felt Love before - Felix Caraliere
10. Don't Tell Me You're Sorry - Chuck Cissel
11. Takin' My Time With You - Maureen Bailey
12. Just Ask Me - Bobby Thurston 
13. You're My Main Squeeze - Crystal Motion
14. What Do You Want Me To Do - Ben E. King
15. You'ee Never Be Sorry - Gerald Sims
16. Funny How Change Places - DeDe Schwarts
17. March Across The Land - Linda Clifford
18. Temptation's 'Bout To Get Me - Ed Robinson
19. We Got To Stick Together - Beverly & Duane (CD only)
20. Caught Up In A Whirlwind - Richard Stepp (CD only)

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