• darkthrone The Wind of 666 Black Hearts (CD, £7.95)

    label: peaceville

    Pre-album recordings from 1991 & 1992, during Darkthrone’s most essential and iconic transitional period towards black metal infamy ‘The Wind of 666 Black Hearts’ is presented as a CD in a jewel case packaging, with a 16-page booklet including rare photos, plus new notes from Fenriz, plus lyrics. ‘The Wind of 666 Black Hearts’ sees a return to the early days of the highly influential Norwegian black metal legends, featuring tracks from rehearsals conducted in 1991 & 1992, as the band forged their way to black metal notoriety with a vast transformation in style between their early death metal offerings to a stripped down, completely raw, cold and chaotic sound which was set to take the world of extreme metal to new depths. Contained on this CD release are tracks which would go on to feature on the classic ‘A Blaze in the Northern Sky’ & ‘Under a Funeral Moon’ albums. The ‘A Blaze...’ rehearsal features the line-up of Nocturno Culto, Fenriz, Zephyrous & Dag Nilsen, whereas the ‘Under a Funeral Moon’ rehearsal tracks saw Darkthrone narrowed to a 3-piece act, with Nocturno moving to bass & Zephyrous handling all guitars. Tracks: A Blaze In The Northern Sky / Kathaarian Life Code / The Pagan Winter / Where Cold Winds Blow / In The Shadow Of The Horns / Summer Of The Diabolical Holocaust / Crossing The Triangle Of Flames / Under A Funeral Moon / The Dance Of Eternal Shadows / Unholy Black Metal

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