• dubby dub Empty Nation (CD, £10.75)

    Dubby Dub was born in the first decade of this century in Ferrara, a little city in Italy. It consists of the Pulga brothers Andrea (Vox guitar and ukulele), Mauro (Guitar, vox and glockenspiel) and Enrico Negri (drums and vox). In 2009 Flavio Tomei (Guitar and vox) joined the band. All members of the group have always been actively involved in other different bands (Sportclub, the Noise and Chalrest One) but it is with H-strychnine, a Hard core Italian band that they’ve reached their most significant success. Mauro and Andrea, H-strychnine’s voice and bass respectively, have performed on Italian and European stages thanks to two records released by Ammonia Record and distributed by V2 Sony. This has allowed them to perform side by side to Henry Rollins Band, Stone Sour, L7, Godflash, Burning Heart, Linea 77 and others. The style of Dubby Dub is characterized by the choice of not using a bass guitar in their songs, using old amplifiers which evoke the vintage style of The Hives, The International Noise Conspiracy, the characteristic stoner Queen Of the Stone Age and the semi-grunge Dinosaur Jr. They have broken the music market with two of their records “Rock’n’roll head” (Alka Records 2011) and "Sorry, no dub!" (Ammonia Records 2012) thanks to Andromeda distribution. The name Dubby Dub might mislead while it’s original actual style represents an intense roller coaster ride: the waiting, ascending, steep downhills, sudden turns into rock, punk and grunge dimensions. TRACK LISTING .You & I Spread & multiply Empty nation I’ll lose myself Cold issues Out of the shell Grow machines Rainbow Romance About to shine Right now They never last Deny

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