• john tejada Ceol (12", £8.95)

    label: Kompakt

    JOHN TEJADA carries a reputation as one of North America’s most prolific electronic music producers for good reasons: maintaining a steady stream of releases on iconic underground labels as diverse as 7th City, Plug Research, Tigersushi, Playhouse, Areal, Pokerflat Recordings or his own Palette imprint for more than two decades is one, the unabated high quality of his output another. Classic tunes such as “Timebomb”, “Mono On Mono”, “The End Of It All” or “Music For Doubles” prevail in Tejada’s coveted portfolio, indicating an artist seriously committed to his craft. A member of the Kompakt family since the 2011 full-length “Parabolas”, Tejada has continued to fill the crates of demanding selectors worldwide with two more Kompakt albums (2012’s “The Predicting Machine” and 2015’s “Signs Under Test”) and much-acclaimed EPs such as “Lakewood Drive” from 2016. From the carefully sized floor stomp of the title track CEOL to the snappy momentum of PRELUDE TO MADNESS and AISLING’s impressionist, melodic grooves, his latest 12” outing further hones an already inimitable sense for balance between driving techno beats and soulful house synths, crisp production and dreamy, hypnotic textures. Tracklisting Track: 1Title: Ceol Playtime: 00:06:09 Track: 2 Title: Prelude To Madness Playtime: 00:06:08 Track: 3 Title: Aisling Playtime: 00:05:52

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