• tigercub Evolve Or Die (5-track red vinyl 12", £11.50)

    label: alcopop!

    Brighton trio TIGERCUB are extremely pleased to release a brand new EP. From the start, Evolve or Die was the bandís mantra for the next step in their creative evolution, and would be the title of the record before they even set foot in the studio. As a release in the Tigercub canon, Evolve or Die is the latest leg of an introspective journey for a band transitioning into something entirely different, a path to somewhere new and exciting. Evolve or Die is not a reincarnation, or a reinvention. Collectively, the bandís diverse tastes in music, the vast pool of inspiration between the three of them, their obsessive drive to learn, comprehend, even assimilate and re-interpret musical technique are deeply present within the bandís presentation of songs over their catalogue so far. Itís the latest adaptation for survival from a band who want their fans to expect the unexpected on each and every release. Working once more with producer Alex Newport (At The Drive-In, Bloc Party, Pissed Jeans), he proved a key player in keeping the band on their path throughout the recording process. Tracks: The Divided States Of Us / Into The Ashes / Itís Only Love / Faking Laughter / Secret Bonus Track

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