• oh91 Shuttle (12", £7.95)

    Bristol grime producer OH91 returns to Coyote Records for the first time since the back end of 2014 with this single. Having released his debut record, ‘Stealth’, with Coyote back in 2013, OH91 also released a remix of Rapid’s ‘Xtra’ beat on white label through the imprint in 2014, backed up by a an edit of Footsie’s ‘Prang Boy’ from label mate Chemist — the 12” sold out in less than a week. Releases with up-and-coming indies White Peach, Trapped Audio and Banana Stand Sound have also checked his progress over the last two years, as well as collaborative production work with long-time friend and mentor, Sir Spyro. Honing in on a day-dot instrumental grime sound favoured by MCs, OH91’s work on ‘Shuttle’ is sharp and brutally effective; sirens form the basis of the short intro, as a booming, looping beat — boosted by tense, anxious strings — slingshots the track straight into the dance. On the flip, Dutch producer JLSXND7RS, fresh from producing a number of tracks for Wiley on latest album, ‘The Godfather’, throws down a fierce, contorted remix full of warped sounds and eerie, sci-fi bleeps. TRACKLIST: 1. Shuttle, 2. JLSXND7RS Remix

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