• j. roddy walston & the business Destroyers of the Soft Life (CD, £10.50)

    J. Roddy Walston & The Business have melded engaging, melodic songwriting with sharp observations about American culture on this album on ATO Records.  ‘Destroyers of the Soft Life’ began two years ago when Rod Walston (lead singer / guitarist / piano), Billy Gordon (guitar), Logan Davis (bass) and Steve Colmus (drums) purchased space in a Richmond, Virigina WWII era bomb shelter turned lumber yard. The foursome gutted and subsequently spent seven months transforming it into their own recording studio. As they put down roots Walston also became a father for the first time, inspiring lyrics that take an unflinching look at family dynamics and parental motivations.  The album’s lead track ‘The Wanting’ speaks to a fractured father-son relationship: “Walston and the Business smooth out some of their scruffier tendencies on ‘The Wanting,’ resulting in a cleaner, anthem-friendly approach with big, booming refrains reminiscent of Kings of Leon,” - said Rolling Stone.  “We had never been a band where we pretended that it’s 1965,” Walston said. “Loud rock and roll music has become less relevant because it’s just been on a loop,” he says. “If there was any rule on this record, it was, let’s be a part of music right now. I want to be part of living music in this moment.”

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