• grizzly twister Ont Blod (CD, £7.50)

    label: Midmarch

    grizzly twister has been around since 2002, and is a five-piece twisted, blip-blip hardcore combo from the more southern parts of northern sweden. by using two synthesizers and samplers to make suggestive soundscapes mixed with technical guitar lines, drumming from hell and layered with mad shouting vocals, grizzly twister pushes the boundaries and takes no notice of boring established hardcore guidelines: less punk dress codes, less posing, more thought, more action. "This band has two synths and no bass, and play frenetic, dance floor-friendly hardcore, with political lyrics no barrier to getting the party started: in other words, they're kinda like a sexed-up refused. burly yet cherub faced singer jonas makes for a great front man, with the rest of the band unable to stay still, all consumed in the wonderful chaos they're whipping up. an unmissable, unstoppable force." - Kerrang

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